The journey to creating my beautiful lampshades was wonderful and continues to be so............. 
The last 20 years has seen me traversing between polar opposites, the financial comfort of a corporate career and the soul satisfaction of a creative life.  At age 11 I started sewing and making my own clothing. This continued, as my preferred hobby, throughout my teenage years and into my 20's. The ongoing admiration of my garments from my corporate colleagues led to my first creative fore, a made to measure clothing business called “Ensemble by M”. Ensemble kept me entertained for over 4 years, I honed my technical skills but found the made to measure marked creatively restrictive.
Circumstances took me back into the corporate fold, soon moving to London then returning to Sydney over a 5 - 6 year period. Our return to Melbourne triggered the memory of a promise I had made to myself many years before - 'I could always return to a creative life', so I did. This time with a twist, I would make only my own designs, largely one of a kind wearable art pieces – Naturally Flamboyant was born. I worked from a warehouse in Richmond initially, then a studio upstairs in Collins Street Melbourne and finally a studio in Fitzroy. During this time the clothing market evolved considerably, mass production and oversupply ruled, morally I struggled with continuing to contribute to that oversupply so I started renovating re-cycled garments, sourced from charities.
Garment painting lead to working with textiles and acrylics directly on canvases. Unsatisfied with the 2 dimensional nature of the canvas I started playing with wire. Initially forming the wire, decorating it with all manner of textile then lifting the textile from the wire and setting on canvas, to form a 3D piece.
Finally, recognising the amazing potential of combining wire, textile and light – Sultry Shades – emerged and continues to evolve. Recycled textiles and up cycled lamp bases are used wherever possible.  Each piece is individually conceived and executed over many stages over many days, weeks and sometimes even months – no two pieces are ever the same!
My desire is to produce uniquely beautiful lamps that engage us visually and enhance our living spaces. 


Sultry Shades